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You Deserve To Be Paid More For The Hard You Do!


Working as a mental health therapist can be emotionally exhausting. It is important to practice what you preach. Working in a supportive environment  of which promotes positivity and encourages self care is of upmost importance.

KB Psychotherapy works to change low paying /heavy workload  models of practice. 

Our therapists are able to manage their  schedules, and take time off without approval enabling a positive work/life ballance. KB staff is very much appreciated & positively supported.

KB offers psychotherapists VERY competitive pay, 401K, flexible hours, virtual options and choice between employee or contractor status. 

You must have your license in the state of Wisconsin. If you are still obtaing hours and require supervision. Oppertunities are available without supervision options. Meaning you will need to hire a supervisor outside of KB Psychotherapy. 

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