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3 Signs You Need Family Therapy

a psychotherapist in Lake Geneva interviews a couple

No matter how well you have raised your children and how close you’re, family dynamics can be difficult. When families are healthy, happy, and in good spirits, it may seem like nothing could pin them down. However, events happen in life that may lead to issues amongst family members.

Here, our family counseling service provider discuss 3 signs you need family therapy:

1. Depression and seclusion

If you notice that one of your family members is withdrawing from the family and, instead of socializing, lock themselves in their room, that can be a sign of a big problem.

Sometimes, when people seclude themselves away from the ones they used to hang out with, they may be suffering from depression. However, there can be other reasons for the individual’s surprising seclusion, for example, bullying or abuse that the family isn’t aware of.

Other indications can be changes in appetite, changes in behavior that don’t align with their personality, sudden mood swings, and increased impatience and irritability with others.

Irrespective of the reason, family counseling services can help you open up with your partner and settle the issue by finding the root cause for the individual’s sudden change of behavior.

2. Excessive emotional reactions

If one of your family members displays emotional reactions like fear, sadness, or anger to relatively small triggers, this may be an indication that you’ll need family counseling. Usually, this happens to parents who have teenagers or pre-teens in the household who are still trying to figure out themselves as well as their emotions.

There’s no doubt that your teenage child will meet several people in middle school, which may affect their personality and character. Besides your family, the school environment is one of the most influential factors for developing a child. If you see your child acting out as compared to their typical personality or behavior, it’s a sign that something is bothering them at school. It could be the fear of failing in academics, peer pressure or being bullied.

To determine the underlying issues that are causing your child to behave that way, contact professional counselors. Whether it’s because of school or family issues, the counselor will help both the child and the parents voice their concerns to better reconnect family members.

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3. Dysfunctional family

Do your family members tend to lose their patients quickly and treat each other as obstacles or burdens? Does your family escalate minor annoyances into a blowout, serious fights? Does your family have serious conflicts every day? In that, you may be living in a dysfunctional family.

Instead of showing support, this type of family criticizes each other more often. Children tend to rebel against and disobey their parents and parents usually neglect their children, which leads to hostility within the household. This, in turn, causes unending fights between family members.

If your family is undergoing something similar, it’s probably time to seek family counseling. A counselor can help you settle fights without resorting to unkind methods and escalating further. Sometimes, all it takes is gratitude and appreciation for a certain family to fix their issues and unite again.

Repair your familial foundation with KB Psychotherapy’s family counseling services in WI

At KB Psychotherapy, our professional, empathetic, experienced, qualified, and licensed couple counseling therapists in WI are committed to helping you live a healthier and happier life.

Get in touch with us now for more information on our DBT and CBT therapists in Wisconsin!

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