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A Beginners Guide to Couples Therapy

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Romantic relationships are hard work. They require constant work to keep them from breaking apart. If there are issues that are arising, it’s better to repair them right away. Often, we ourselves maintain and repair our romantic relationships. However, there are times when we’d need a professional to help us.

Couple counseling works on improving a romantic couple’s relationship with one another and resolving any conflict that may be causing difficulties.

What Is Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling or therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help a couple improve their relationship. During the counseling, a licensed therapist helps the romantic couple gain insight into their relationship, addresses issues and conflicts, and works toward resolving them.

According to research by the American Association of Marriage and Family, 97% of couples got the help they needed from therapy and 93% of couples said the therapy helped them how to deal with conflict effectively.

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Who Should Consider Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is great for any romantic relationship including:

  • Straight relationships

  • Gay relationships

  • Young teen or college relationships

  • Large age-gap relationships

Couples therapy can solve many issues, including any current problems the couple may be facing, a routine check-up for a healthy, happy couple, or preventing any future problems that may arise.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Here is how couples counseling can help romantic partners:

Helps Understand Each Other Better

With therapy, couples can understand each other better and learn how to communicate feelings, hopes, fears, values, and more.

Can Identify Relationship Issues

Your couples counseling therapist can help couples identify any issues that couple is leading to conflicts and disconnection.

Better Communication Skills

With therapy, couples can learn how to communicate with one another and express themselves without blaming or attacking each other.

Conflict Resolution

Couples can learn how to work through their issues and resolve them with the help of counseling.

Strengthens Attachment

Couples therapy can help strengthen attachment, intimacy, and lead to a secure attachment style between partners.

Identifies Dysfunctional Behavior

A couples therapist can identify dysfunctional behavior and help resolve them.

Learn New Skills

Therapy can equip the couple with skills to prevent conflict and deal with issues when they do arise.

Improves Satisfaction

With therapy, couples can get an improved quality of relationship where both are happier together.

How Effective is Couples Therapy?

Couples counseling can help both partners learn how to communicate, forgive, solve problems, and have a healthier, happier relationship. According to research, couples who receive at least eight to twelve sessions of therapy can have lasting benefits even two years after therapy.

Are you and your partner facing issues that are impacting your relationship? Try couples therapy today. KB Psychotherapy LLC has the best couples counseling therapists in WI and Lake Geneva. The psychotherapy center also offers family counseling, trauma counseling, anxiety counseling, and more.

Book an appointment with us today.

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