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EMDR Therapy: Effectiveness, Process & More

A person undergoing EMDR therapy in Kenosha

Around 10-20% of people who have experienced trauma are likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD can affect a person’s quality of life and disrupt daily life. However, there are certain effective therapies out there to treat PTSD.

In this guide, we’ll talk about EMDR therapy in detail.

What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy. It’s an interactive technique that helps ease psychological stress. Traumatic memories can result in post-traumatic anxiety and stress.

Those who are unable to process their painful and traumatic memories can be triggered by such memories by certain sounds, sights, smells, or words. When people re-experience those memories due to these triggers, it causes emotional distress, among other symptoms of PTSD.

EMDR therapy aims to decrease the effects of PTSD or reduce the symptoms by changing how your memories are stored inside your brain. Your EMDR therapist will guide you in this process through repetitive, bilateral eye movements, which will lead to certain triggers no longer causing your emotional or psychological distress.

EMDR can help relieve symptoms of various mental health conditions, especially those interlinked with trauma in the past.

 A person undergoing EMDR therapy in Kenosha

Is EMDR Therapy Effective?

Feeling a little wary or skeptical of this therapy approach is natural. It’s just eye movements, and you might be thinking about how they can help erase traumatic memories of painful experiences. Most experts aren’t exactly sure how this approach works either.

However, it certainly does work and has proven to be effective. According to some experts, EMDR therapy is effective because when you’re recalling certain distressing events but not fully concentrating on them, they start feeling less upset.

Through bilateral stimulation, EMDR therapy helps the person focus on eye movements instead of the unwanted thoughts and painful memories they are accessing. It reduces the intensity of pain associated with that memory and allows the person to process the trauma without leading to an overwhelming emotional or psychological response


What Does EMDR Therapy Treat?

EMDR is recommended for people who have experienced traumatic memories in the past and have to deal with overwhelming PTSD symptoms. Most professionals recommend EMDR therapy for:



●Panic Attacks

●Substance Abuse Disorders

●Eating Disorders

EMDR Therapy could potentially benefit those who have struggled with:



●Bipolar Disorder

●Anxiety Disorders

●Lower Back Pain

●Substance Abuse Disorders

EMDR Therapy in Kenosha

If you want to find effective EMDR therapy in Kenosha, you can schedule an appointment with our psychotherapist in Lake Geneva. At KB Psychotherapy LLC, we have counseling therapists in WI and Lake Geneva. They can help you out with trauma counseling, anxiety counseling, depression therapy, and addiction treatment.

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