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How to Ease Parenting as a Single Mom: 6 Tips From Our Psychotherapists

 A single mother with her daughter

As society progresses, more people understand that it’s better to be a single parent and raise your child in a happy home than stay unhappy with your partner just for the sake of your child.

Many women and men are raising their children all by themselves. However, being a single parent, especially a single mom, is not easy. You have to juggle between your child, your work, and your personal life, which can become socially isolating at times.

Here are some parenting tips for single moms to make their parenting journey a little easier.

Ask for Help When Needed

There is no shame in asking your friends or family to support you during times of need. You don’t have to feel guilty for taking a day off, spending some time alone, or going to work and leaving your child under the care of a friend/family member. Social and emotional support is essential for single moms.

Show Love

Parenting is not an easy job, and sometimes it can get frustrating. However, remember that no matter what, your child is always deserving of your unconditional love, praise, and support. Always take time out to simply sit and play or relax with your kid.

Have a Routine

Create a proper routine for yourself and your child. Having structure in your life can make single parenting easier for you. Make sure to have a bedtime and schedule your meals so your child knows what they should expect.

A single mom holding her baby boy

Set Limits

While most single parents do love to spoil their children, you have to set certain limits to provide your child with consistent discipline in their life. Make sure you have house rules, and your child knows what you expect from them. Enforce these rules or expectations when needed and allow your child to become more responsible as they grow up.

Practice Self Care

It’s easy to get lost in parenthood and stop taking care of yourself. However, to provide for your child, you need to practice self-care and look after yourself too. Because if you won’t, who will? Make sure you are eating healthy, are physically active, and are getting a good amount of sleep.

Be Honest

As your child grows older, they will ask questions and notice everything. You have to learn to be honest with them. If you are going through a tough time, you can let your child in and be honest with them without worrying them too much.

Reassure your child that things will get better and always make sure responses are age-appropriate. You can’t expect a kid to behave like an adult, so always stay positive with your child without lying to them about your everyday challenges.

At KB Psychotherapy, we provide parenting services across Lake Geneva, WI. We also offer other mental health services, including family counseling, anxiety counseling, depression therapy, ADHD counseling, phobia treatment, trauma counseling, individual counseling, and couples counseling.

You can check out our Facebook page or reach out to us via our website to book an appointment with a psychotherapist in Lake Geneva.

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