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Is Walk/Talk Therapy Recommended to People with Anxiety?

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Anxiety disorders are very common in Americans. It affects 40 million+ adults in the US. Various therapeutic approaches can help people with anxiety, including walk-talk therapy.

If you don’t know what walk-talk therapy is, picture yourself walking with a friend, opening your heart to them, sharing your struggles, and then feeling better afterward. That is the gist of this form of therapy.

Here is why walk-talk therapy can be beneficial for someone with anxiety.

A Positive Activity

Walking is a great activity not just for your body but also for your mind. When you sign up for a walk-talk therapy session, you’re allowing your body to receive its much-needed physical exercise. With this exercise, your body will release happy hormones known as endorphins.

Spiritual and Holistic Approach

Walk-talk therapy is a slightly different approach to helping those suffering from anxiety. It’s a holistic and spiritual approach where a person will feel calm as they step out into nature and feel mindfulness in the outdoor setting and natural environment.

The walk-talk therapy sessions take place outdoors and allow the patients to feel comfortable as they slide into a meditative state.

Develop a Safe Connection with the Therapist

When a patient is walking with a therapist in a safe, outdoor environment, they will feel much closer and comfortable with the therapist. This will allow them to develop a safe and close connection with their therapist.

The outdoor setting and the natural environment will have a comfortable effect on the patient. The conversation will also feel more natural, and walking with the therapist will help develop a comfortable relationship between the therapist and the patient.

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Nature and Mind

A walk-talk therapy session is designed while keeping in mind how the mind feels relaxed and calm in natural outdoor settings. You hear the sounds of the birds chirping, feel the wind against your skin and in your hair, hear the sounds of different animals, and see the greenery around you and everything else while you talk to your therapist and feel good while being outside.

Allows Natural Conversation

Walk-talk therapy is different from sitting inside a therapist’s office and feeling too restricted. Being outdoors and taking a walk with the therapist removes all formalities and reasons why a person would feel uncomfortable or like a patient in a doctor’s office. Through walk-talk therapy, people who already feel anxious about seeking therapy will feel much more comfortable opening up.

Let’s Take a Walk!

At KB Psychotherapy, we offer various counseling services across Lake Geneva, WI. You can schedule a session today to get started. Our walk-talk therapy sessions can be extremely beneficial for you or your loved one suffering from anxiety.

We also offer a range of other mental health services, including parenting counseling, trauma counseling, relationship counseling, depression therapy, anxiety counseling, ADHD counseling, phobia treatment, family counseling, and individual counseling.

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