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When you find yourself struggling within the home either in your romantic relationship or as a family, there are often many factors involved in what is usually a gradual breakdown of the relationship(s). Fights and/or arguments about who left a dish in the sink are usually an indication of underlying anger, frustration that needs to be expressed in order to move forward. Learning to communicate, appreciate, love and respect each other again is a process of which therapy can help to promote. While the therapist can act as a mediator, the purpose is not to judge and determine right/wrong, but instead to encourage empathy support and validation within the relationship(s).

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Family & Couples Therapy: Service

Family is one of the most powerful, healing, nurturing, and grounding forces in a person’s life. Any cracks in this foundational structure can send ripples down a person’s life, making them feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, and depressed.


At KB Psychotherapy, we offer professional family counseling services to heal and restore the fragmentation in your family structure. We also provide couple’s counseling to partners who are struggling to maintain a healthy, happy, and balanced relationship.


Whether you need help repairing your familial or romantic foundation, we’re here to help. Contact our family counselors and couple’s counselors in Lake Geneva, WI.

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